This massage is applied by diluting the heated essential oils in sesame oil and dripping on the forehead followed by forty-five minutes of rhythmic and deep relaxation. It helps to regain vitality by calming the mind and soul as well as brings a feeling of inner peace and tranquility.


    It is the oldest and most impressive massage therapy of Ayurveda. The nutritious and regenerative properties of the essential oil blends prepared for each person are predominantly structured by considering marma points. It is a massage application covering the whole body.


    Shiroabhyanga is a wonderful combination of Shirodhara and Abhyanga applications. First of all, it provides deep relaxation by gently pouring special oils from the forehead. The sensation created eliminates mental activity; calms and refreshes the mind.Afterwards the gentle but hard Abhyanga head, neck and shoulder massage is done. It relieves the toxins and supports the oxygen circulatory in the body. This treatment stimulates the five senses by focusing on marma moints, most of which are located in the head region. The gentle massage applied on these points ensures a great balance of the body and nerve system.