Reduces tension, relieves back muscles, prevents pain and eclipses.

    Humpback, carrying heavy loads, bad sitting position, standing for a long time, causes the muscle straining. Massage relieves the pain and relieves pain by loosening muscles. Since the nerves are distributed throughout the body starting from the spine, the massage relaxes the nervous system by directly affecting the nerves. Slow and rhythmic movements with calming or fast action makes a refreshing effect.


    Baby massage is the most effective way to prevent and treat many diseases that occur in the first years of a child’s life. Also, this type of massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body of the baby and contributes to the normal mental and physical development of the child. This is the basis of harmonious development and good health.


    Сlassic massage of the whole body with special massage oils in order to get rid of fatigue and stress. As the massage is done in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere it ensures general relaxation, acceleration of blood circulation and provides softening of the muscles.


    Massage is performed using special oil blends and special applicators in stimulate your blood and lymph circulation, as well as the removal of toxins that cause local redundancy and cellulite in your body.


    It is a relaxing massage method which is applied by using essential oils. The secret of this massage is the features of the essential oil. The oils obtained for different purposes are applied by mixing the massage oils in certain proportions.


    This is a special type of massage, one of the most popular and sought-after massages in the world, which helps against stress, relieves fatigue and nervousness. In addition to relieving stress and relaxing effect, it has a draining effect, stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.


    This massage, which is effective in relieving back, neck, waist and leg pain caused by muscle aches, muscle tension, calcification and rheumatic reasons, is composed of different techniques.


    By regulating the circulatory system, lymph drainage therapy helps to eliminate the accumulation of toxins and edema in the body, reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system, also has pain relief and antispasmodic effects.


    The special feature of this massage is the use of special natural massage oils and creams that allow you to achieve a beautiful tan quickly and extend its effect.


    This massage is a type of massage where the movements are done at a low tepmo but the intensity of movements is high. It is a very effective type of massage in order to remove any toxins from the body and it is preferred by people who like to have hard massage. During the massage, the specialist ensure the balance of the body by focusing on stimulating the muscles in a strong way.


    A massage type done during sport activities, before or after the event, and even during the event. The most important feature that differentiates the sports massage from the classical massage is the difference in the rhythm, duration and amount of pressure. In this type of massage, stimulating motions are predominant and vary according to the sport performed. Duration varies according to area of body.

    Massage removes the body from fatigue substances, protecting muscle hardness and cramps from harmful side effects, and prevents fiber loss caused by muscle damage done. By activating the blood circulation, it allows the energizing nutrients to reach the tissues more easily and quickly, eases the heart and circulatory system work. It shortens the reaction time of the athlete, regulates the functional harmony between the organs, gives a general relief. It calms down the ones who are nervous, activates the sleepy ones.


    Reflexology massage is a very effective foot massage for both feet and the whole body. Reflex points in the feet represent other organs in the body. These body zones or meridians are connected to each other by energy channels. When an illness or an imbalance occurs in the body, the corresponding energy channel is blocked and the reflexology massage aims to open this blockage, allowing the energy to flow again and maintain the natural balance of the body.