Face Treatments

  • Face Massage

    Good for headaches, making the skin look more alive.

    It is a unique massage which is applied to the upper body, back, shoulder, neck, scalp and hair, enriched with aromatic essential oils. Special technique is applied that relaxes the muscles and accelerates blood circulation. It relaxes the mind by resting and plays an active role in the treatment of headaches thanks to its anti – stress effect.

  • Quick Facial

    A mini skin care for all skin types that cleanses and nourishes your skin.

  • Classic Facial Care

    A classic skin care for all skin types that cleanses your skin deeply and cleanses the black spots.

  • Moisturizing Skin Care

    It regulates the moisture level of the skin. Especially good for dry skin.

  • Acne Care

    Excellent care for acne prone skin adn to get rid of excess sebum. It purifies the skin by balancing the excess sebum and helps to prevent oil flare and acne formation.

  • Special treatment for men

    This special treatment for man has soothing and moisturizing effects. Together with its caviar and other anti-aging ingredients it tightens the skin and ensure the skin elasticity. An anti-aging care for all types of male skin.

  • Q10 Anti-Aging Care

    This luxurious anti-aging treatment for mature skin containing natural algae hormones and a special massage technique is applied.

  • Lifting Facial

    Treatment that minimizes the depths of wrinkles, activates the production of collagen, stores and revitalizes moisture, and at the same time strengthens the connective tissue.

  • Snail Collagen Mask Care

    Snail collagen mask gives high quality results and provides a first-class effect on the skin. Anti-Aging skin care enriched collagen ensures a long-term effect and can be noticed immediately.

  • Bee Venom Collagen Skin Care

    The bee venom has a cell-regeneration effect and the cell-balancing effect of cell proliferation is a result of the skin care synthesis.
    The Bee Poison Collagen Mask is ideal for all skin types and offers innovative solutions and impressive results for Anti-Aging treatments.

  • 24k Gold Collagen Mask Care

    Pure Gold has been used by the privileged and wealthy people for centuries as the secret of a young and beautiful skin. The developments in technology and chemical industry have ensured that this ancient secret has been used until today. And you don’t have to be a queen to get a gold care anymore.

    The anti-inflammation feature of gold reduces inflammation of the skin, slows melanin secretion and reduces the age spots and brightens the skin. Eliminates free radicals. Gold helps to prevent premature aging signs of the skin by fighting free radicals that damage the skin.